#LifeChangingPlaces - LOFOTEN - Chris Burkard

#LifeChangingPlaces - LOFOTEN - Chris Burkard

28 sept.
The bottom turn
The bottom turn
Vidéo de surf
Publiée le le 19 septembre 2017

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This is the first one of the mini series #LifeChangingPlaces that follows people who went to a trip that in some form changed their lives. My team and I spent 9 days on the magical island formation Lofoten in northern Norway to capture the beauty that changed Chris Burkards whole approach to photography.


Shot on Arri Alexa and Sony a7s II
Camera: Clemens Krüger
Editing: Max Neumeier
Assistant Camera: Tim Höddinghaus & Lutz Stautner
Sound Design: Max Neumeier & Denis Elmaci
Grading: Mike Bothe
Line Producer: Ralf Erthle

Production: 27 Kilometer Entertainment
Agency: Kolle Rebbe
Client: Lufthansa

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