Insomnia - ©Streetnation Media

Insomnia - ©Streetnation Media
Vidéo de ski
Publiée le le 26 juillet 2012

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Streetnation Media est une jeune boite de production qui nous vient du Canada. Il présente leur second film intitulé "Insomnia".

When you can’t sleep and you’re looking through your window in the middle of the night asking yourself:’’ Am I the only one who’s not sleeping ? ‘’ remember that there’s always a bunch of kids shredding the streets and pushing their limits !
Insomnia is the second full lengh movie produced by Streetnation media. Featuring the skiing of: Vincent Prévost , Samuel Beauchesne , David Pauzé , Laurent-Olivier Martin , Simon Gingras , Alexis Lalonde , Julien Laflamme , Stefan Curtis , Dominic Morneau and more.
Directed by: Gabriel Carrier
Camera by: Gabriel Carrier , Zac Moxley , Will Gignac , Charles Labbé , Yannil Lamary
Graphic design: Alexander Haniotis
Motion design: Renaud Delisle
Song: 99 problems (JPOD remix)
Shot on location in: Montreal , Whistler , Mont-Avila
Supported by:
Banshee Bungee
Boardsidedown Wax
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©Streetnation Media

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