11 Lets ♥ Peace' Let There Be Peace On Earth' Happy New Years 2015 Update'.

11 Lets ♥ Peace' Let There Be Peace On Earth' Happy New Years 2015 Update'.

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I Watch TV ' The News And I See The World Needs More Peace In The World '. So I Lend My Voice To Sing ' Let There Be Peace On Earth '. To Help The World By People Out There Online Can Sing And Learn This Song At Home'. With In Time People Will Love This Song And Share And Sing It More And More That With In Time The World With ALL Of Our Help In The World To Start To Make A Change For Smartness And Peace Everyday'. I Little Caring From All Of Us Can Really Start To Make A Great Super Change'. =o)Smile(o=

' Hello There Good Day To You My Name Is Fernando Javier Reyes. I'm Now 34 Years Old ' I'm A Cool 'Chill ' Very Kind Nice Person. I Live In San Diego CA. I Would Like To Share A Writing I Wrote When My Dad Was In The Hospital. See I Was My Fathers CareGiver And Before I Was Also My Mother CareGiver. My Mother Is In Heaven. Now My Dad Is Also. Its Just Hard When The Ones Your Taking Care Pass Away. ANYHOW HERE IS THE WRITING. Update My Dad Passed Away And Is Now In Heaven With My Beautiful Mother' Here Is A Writing I Wrote When My Father Passed Away I would Like To Share This Writing And Also A Recording I Put Together. ENJOY' Seeing ill Family Members' Seeing ill Family Members Make Me Push Harder EVERYDAY. In The Zone ALWAYS With God&Jesus. Mostly Great Super Days. WE ALL KNOW TO BE TRUE SOME DAYS DON'T GO AS PLANED, BUT ALWAYS find the way to making it work and making the best of the times. Even days that seem sad and dark with little light. Just like a ugly cloudy day the Sun ALWAYS shines through. You may feel down at times but Always Remember To Stay Focused & Strong Minded. We are never left alone or left behind. We ever need help concentrate close your eyes and Politely Pray ask God&Jesus for More Wisdom and Strength Everyday & anything that's on your mind at the time and ask for the help you need. & pray for it & do your part also. U will see U will get the help U need. It may not happen overnight Sometimes. But don't give up the Faith. Leave it in Gods Hand. If you don't know what to do. Just think about it & U will find an answer. We R never alone our Guardian Angel is always watching over us Everyday Think in Good Great Super thoughts' keep yourself tuned up & fit in a Doctor Health check up. SAFETY & HEALTH IS THE WAY TO BE' ALL I KNOW IS I'M ON TEAM GOD&JESUS EVERYDAY FEELING Awesome' We Love U God&Jesus THANKS FOR BEING PART Of OUR Lives. It just that my Father was in the hospital and just passed away'. But I'm still OK with Powerful God&Jesus my friends and Fathers (God&Jesus). P.S. I'm Telling You All This Because Our House Burned Down In A Wild Fire in 2003 ' It Was Very Bad We Are Still Doing Our Best To Recover Our Life And The Things We Had Before The Fire Took Everything Over Night' The Bad Bad Bad Thing Was My Brothers Body Got Burned 65% Of His Body'. I Will Attach A Link To The Story The San Diego New Paper Write About Our Family and The Wildfire That Way You Can See I'm Telling The Truth'. utsandiego.com/news/fires/weekoffire/20031029-005-burn.html . My Brother Now Is A Motivational Speakers For New And Other Fire Victims' O 1 More Thing My Mother And Father Are Now In Heaven Together' It's Hard But I Know I Will Find The Way To Be OK And Feel Fine And Great Everyday With God & Jesus'. The songs I have in the background I have purchase the audio CD. & I do pay for my internet connection & my TV stations. & I support music by buying the songs and music I like'.

I Found Out I Need To Add This Disclaimer Info'. I Found Out Online Because I'm Not Selling This Audio Recording'. It's Just My Vocal Singing Samples' In Each Song I Do Not Stop Until I Get To The End Of The Song That's Hard To Do Knowing When To Use My Voice' I Have Been Singing For Years Now.' I'm So Thankful To God&Jesus For Letting Me Be Able To Share My Voice' Most Of The Times I'm Very Shy Like And Private'. I Have Been Practicing Singing Since I Was A Very Young Child. I Also Have A Recording Of My Brother And Myself Singing In A Recording Studio As A Proof. ' Anyhow Needed To Add This Message I Found Out Like I Was Saying ' .

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