60 sec with Taj Burrow

60 sec with Taj Burrow

Vidéo de surf
Publiée le le 17 juillet 2013

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Taj Burrow is a pure Australian surfer, he started and learnt surfing at 7 in soutwest Western point in Australia, one of the most powerful Australian beach break. He qualified for the WCT as the youngest at the time when he was 18 and scored rookie of the year title the same year in 1998. Only a year later, he finished 2nd overall on the WCT. Taj is since then always consistent and a serious contender for the world title. He's part of the Dakine family for 2 years and got a signature pad. For you who want to see more of Taj, here he is starring in our 60 sec program.

Editing: Julien Mazard
Filming: courtesy of Billabong
Motion: Thibault Roqueirol
Music: Everydayz - Sweaty

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