Welcome to the GKA Freestyle Super-Grand Slam Ilha do Guajiru | SuperKite Brasil 2020 | Day 1 Highlights

Welcome to the GKA Freestyle Super-Grand Slam Ilha do Guajiru | SuperKite Brasil 2020 | Day 1 Highlights

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Publiée le le 11 décembre 2020

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Ilha do Guajiru delivers the goods for the first day of competition of the GKA Freestyle Super Grand Slam 2020 with perfect wind and water conditions in the tidal lagoon in front of Hura Beach.

Vibes are high with all riders and crew as everybody tested negative for Covid in the morning in the compulsory test, meaning the event could be kicked off as planned. The organizers take pride in making sure all protocols are adhered to, the competition area is secured and access is only granted to event crew, riders and their designated caddies who can provide negative test results, keeping everyone involved in the event safe and healthy.
And the good vibes continued right through to the opening ceremony, with competition participants from over 15 different nations proudly waving their country’s flags and happy to be part of the most special event of the year.
When the ceremony was finished, the tide was finally high enough to fill up the lagoon so it was safe to ride, and the athletes were ready for action.
The competition started with men’s single elimination, running round 1 and 2 in 3/4 man heats with a 3-minute transition time.
The highlights of the first two rounds were for sure the Brazilian talents like Carlos Magno, Daniel Pereira Nunes and freestyle prodigy Davi Ribeiro showing best trick of the day at only 12 years old! Davi managed to win his heat and moves straight to round 3 where he will be up against Karim Mahmoud and Juan Rodríguez.
With rounds 1 and 2 completed, athletes are facing an early start tomorrow to make the most of the tidal conditions, starting with round 3 of the men and continuing with women’s heats.

Results day 1

Results Round 1:

Heat 4
1st Davi Ribeiro 23.44
2nd Julien Bourgeois 3.10

Heat 3
1st Daniel Pereira Nunes 18.44
2nd Robin Goetgebuer 15.20
3rd Michele Berti Esclapon de Villeneuve 7.23

Heat 2
1st Joao Lucas
2nd Luca Seer 10.76

Heat 1
1st Carlos Magno 16.94
2nd Luca Brasil 15.02
3rd Dennis Petersen 11.20

Results Round 2:

1st Robin Goetgebuer 12.44
2nd Luca Seer 10.47
3rd Luca Brasil 10.17
4th Julien Bourgeois 1.06

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