A Day Out - Gothenburg

A Day Out - Gothenburg

28 avril
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Publiée le le 04 avril 2016

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Gothenburg; a port town that has served throughout history as the only gateway to the North Sea and the Atlantic, located on the west coast in a narrow strip of Swedish territory. With it’s closeness to the sea, Gothenburg is renowned for its rich history of fishing, and acting as the main harbor for foreign trade and shipping towards the west. Today, Gothenburg has evolved into a modern industrial city; the home of many manufacturing giants.

Despite the lack of nearby mountains, the Gothenburg landscape is a technical treat for mountain biking. A vast network of endless single track is available right at the edge of town, and the town has quickly evolved into one of the main hubs of biking in Sweden. Get a taste of Gothenburg gold in a day out with Jon Bokrantz!

Riders: Jon Bokrantz & Manfred Kronbrink
Filmed and Edited by: Jimmy Svensson & Jon Bokrantz
Music: The Rural Alberta Advantage - Our Love

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