After The Sky Falls - Nimbus - Teaser

After The Sky Falls - Nimbus - Teaser

23 sept.
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Publiée le le 21 septembre 2015

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L'équipe de Nimbus est de retour avec "After The Sky Falls", tourné sur deux ans.

"After The Sky Falls" captures the skiing of Eric Pollard, Chris Benchetler and Pep Fujas. Two years in the making, the film is not an epic portrayal of the sport, but instead is an attempt to relate to and inspire everyday skiers. This motion picture is not a dramatic narrative piece, it’s not a energy drink commercial, it’s not meant to make the skiers in the film into heros, it is simply a film that documents the Nimbus crew’s unique approach to skiing, and their focus on fun and creativity.
Nimbus Independent was started in 2007 by Eric Pollard in collaboration with Pep Fujas, Andy Mahre, and Chris Benchetler. The four like minded skiers began Nimbus to bring a different perspective to skiing.
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