Another day in the Dark- Gojira Project

Another day in the Dark- Gojira Project

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Publiée le le 07 février 2019

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Jérôme Clementz pays a tribute to Gojira on his bike.
Riding in some dark places on the soundtrack of 'Stranded'
This video would not have been possible without the help of Jeam Michel Labadie, the bass player of Gojira, who is also a Mountain bike rider.
Thanks to Road Runner, HSE Group and Gojira for the right to use the music.

Filmed and edited by Gianluca Ricceri.
Photos: Damien Guiot
Original idea and production: Clementz Jérôme
Location: Sicily
Sountrack: Gojira-Stranded- Magma

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