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Publiée le le 21 mai 2019

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Here is " Backlight" a really fun project I had in mind for a long time, the goal was to shoot a short Bike vidéo at night using only hard light without any diffusion.
I've used a couple 1K fresnels as back and Key lights to showcase the style of my brother, Elie Bellot!

This Project has been a great training for me behind the lens but also for Elie to focus on his riding in such hard conditions.

Hope you'll like it!

Directed by Jules Bellot

Rider : Elie Bellot

Lighting :
Niels Tormos
Jules Bellot

Special thanks

Romain Arnaud
Luisella & Pierre Bellot
Alpes 2 Roues
Niels Tormos
Creatur Agency

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