Bruce Irons surfs Teahupoo blindfolded

Bruce Irons surfs Teahupoo blindfolded

The bottom turn
The bottom turn
Vidéo de surf
Publiée le le 08 février 2012

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Bruce Irons is so comfortable at Teahupoo he can ride the tube BLINDFOLDED! How about you? Wanna know the secrets to the somewhat mystical art of BACKHAND TUBERIDING?
(Wanna know where to place that shoulder, that hand, how to apply the brakes with a leg or a butt? How to grab your edges on the takeoff and square up inside the hole?) It's all in the latest issue, out now!

Film by Chris Bryan
Stills by Morgan Maassen and Domenic Mosqueira
Surf forecasting by Magic Seaweed
Blindfolds by Sam Elsom
Underwear by Tweeds
Clip by Shinya Dalby

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