Chamonix Storm Riding

Chamonix Storm Riding

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Publiée le le 12 mai 2013

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I didn't have any film commitment last week so I took a chance and did something I had been waiting to do since last december; pack the car, go to Cham and catch up with the characters over there.

The weather wasn't looking too good but everyone I spoke to told me to make my way and "see what happens".

I also had new planks from Armada to try out so I figured, even if it was stormy, I could still go for a couple turns. Turns out I had an amazing three days! Fresh track on the north face of the Aiguille and hot lapping Les Grands Montets.

A huge thanks to Andreas, Bjarne, Tof, Tom & Ben for letting me tag along, for setting up bomber anchors and opening routes!

Read Andreas Fransson's account here:

Read Ben Briggs' account here:

All shot on GoPro
Edited on Premier Pro CS6

Riders On The Storm by the Ahn trio

I found out about the Ahn trio when I say them live at the Chilkat Center in Haines Alaska! Chris Booth had even made it into local blog that night "A blond young man wearing a suit and dress shirt with matching bow tie ";

Follow Bjarne's facebook ( as he will surely come out with an edit of his own soon enough, you should check out his latest work while you're at it.

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