Clay Marzo - Crowds

Clay Marzo - Crowds

The bottom turn
The bottom turn
Vidéo de surf
Publiée le le 29 juillet 2012

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Clay- "Brah! So many guys staring at me, I'm over it."

Crowds of friends are one thing but crowds of fans and surf enthusiasts striking up conversations is another. It's funny to watch from a nobody filmer perspective. They begin by staring and waiting for eye contact which most likely wont happen. They wait patiently most times until Clay paddles or walks away and it's too late. It must be hard to be sensitive to staring but be someone at the same time who is intriguing or even interesting and people can't help staring at. Those who get their moment are generally stoked to just share a few words, a glance and a nod, a meal or a wave with Clay. Zen at all times.

Presented by Westside Pride Media
Surfing by Clay Marzo
Shot by Adam Klevin
Edit by Shaun Swink
Music - CAV3 "Gondola"​​album/​​surf-beats

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