Comfortably Numb | #TheSearch by Rip Curl

Comfortably Numb | #TheSearch by Rip Curl

The bottom turn
The bottom turn
Vidéo de surf
Publiée le le 09 août 2016

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Mick Fanning and Mason Ho find cold waves and clarity in the frozen north. After a rollercoaster 2015, Mick figured he had met his drama limit for the decade and opted out of full-time WSL competition in 2016. His goal, to Search with friends. With Mason in tow, here's Mick's foray into the icy wilderness.

Product - Rip Curl #Flashbomb Wetsuits

Produced for Rip Curl International by Short Films
Directed, Filmed and Edited by Andrew Buckley

Additional Footage by Scott Dickerson and Taylor Paul

Cameras supplied by Cinoptix

Artist: ORB
Tracks: Migration
Migration 2 (Mikey Young)

Artist: Seastock
Tracks: DrivingIndieAnthem
Source: Getty Images

Artist: 990x
Track: Gnome

Artist: Anatole
Track: Colours

Artist: Romeo Moon
Track: Walking

Artist: Lanks
Tracks: Golden Age

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