Course Preview with Tracy Moseley | EWS Milau, FRA 2017

Course Preview with Tracy Moseley | EWS Milau, FRA 2017

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Publiée le le 29 juin 2017

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Tracy Moseley takes us down the huge course in Milau, France - the 5th round of the EWS 2017 series. 2 days over 9 stages, covering 88km of distance and 3,300m of vertical climbing - what a huge day!

Everybody and their kid brother thinks they could go to Taiwan with a suitcase of cash and get bikes built that are every bit as good as what you find at you local bike shop. But is that true? What does it take to go overseas and start your own bike brand? We went to Taiwan to find out.

Greg Callaghan is on a flyer mid way through the EWS season. With all other favourites like Jared Graves and Richie Rude struggling with various problems, the Irishman's consistency sees him leading the coveted overall series. We check in and see what's going so right.

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