Darkfest - Official Highlights

Darkfest - Official Highlights

31 mars
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Publiée le le 30 mars 2017

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The boys headed to South Africa with plans to take Pure Darkness to the next level. The result - Darkfest. Nico Vink, Clemens 'C-Dawg' Caudela and Sam Reynolds spent a month at the PD site refreshing the original step up and 'small' line, as well as building a new line (aka the twisty wizard). Nico and Clemens are the 2 most experienced builders in the scene, they killed it!! Andreu Lecondeguy, Cam Zink, Graham Aggasiz, Kurt Sorge, Adolf Silva, Kyle Jameson and Ethan Nel joined them (along with the media team of course) for 2 weeks of insane riding and good times!

Song: Grim Reaper - Run For Your Life.

Shot by: Thomas Sandell, Tom Grundy, Sam Davies, Felix Le Blanc and Mr Gange.

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