Everyday is a tall tee day - Webisode 2.1

Everyday is a tall tee day - Webisode 2.1

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Publiée le le 28 janvier 2012

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In this webisode you will see the footage from Simen Gjelsvik and Nikolai Nygaard?s trip to Mt.Baker.
They had many good days with good snow and they also made it across the boarder to shred the park in Whistler, Canada.

We managed to lose the memory card with pretty much all of Nikolais helmet cam footage, so there is a bunch of clips missing, hopefully we can find it so we can make an edit out of it later.

Edited by
Simen Gjelsvik

Filmed by
Simen Gjelsvik and Nikolai Nygaard

Onyx - Here n now
Das Efx - Krazy wit da books
Atmosphere - Party for the fight to write

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