Formula | Introducing The All New Nero DH Fork

Formula | Introducing The All New Nero DH Fork

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Publiée le le 28 août 2017

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What does every downhill rider look for? The answer is simple: the perfect suspension. Unfortunately, however, that doesn’t exist. The reason being that there is no perfect rider, because everyone has got his or her own riding style, different from all the others.

The perfect suspension doesn’t exist because there is no such thing as a perfect trail. Trails vary from place to place and from run to run. Loose rocks, rain, mud, lines that develop from other riders – all these factors make the trail in front of you during your descent unpredictable. Instead of finding a setup that works quite well in most situations, instead the aim should be to find the most easily and quickly adaptable suspension for any situation.

The perfect fork doesn’t exist, but what if you could have a fork that was easily adaptable to every situation? This was our goal when we decided to design our first downhill fork. Nero is the result of this journey.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. When you focus only on your trail, Nero will support every decision you take.

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