Get Behind the Scenes of Paradigm Lost with Kai Lenny.

Get Behind the Scenes of Paradigm Lost with Kai Lenny.

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Publiée le le 06 octobre 2017

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Get a behind the scenes look at how to film a surf action film like Paradigm Lost.
Kai Lenny is one of the best wave riders in the world, but by most accounts he is a “waterman” and not a true “surfer”. Today, Kai Lenny is challenging the 21st century notion of what a surfer is, breaking down the door of the surfing establishment. Whether it’s being the top performer during a session at Jaws, sparring with Kelly Slater at Eukai Beach Park on the North Shore of Oahu.Kai is just arriving on the world stage and is about to cement his name in surfing’s history.

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