Trailer : Good Company, Guest List

Trailer : Good Company, Guest List

18 août
Vidéo de ski
Publiée le le 18 août 2017

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Good Company présente le trailer de son prochain film et deuxième long métrage, "Guest List". Du lourd en perspective !

"Tom Wallisch and the Good Company crew return with their second full-length film, Guest List, featuring world class urban, park and backcountry skiing, all with their trademark fun style. Travel the world with Good Company as they seek out new cities, fresh pow and never been done tricks. The Guest List for this shindig is stacked and the party is just getting started!"

Produced By:
Tom Wallisch
Tom Yaps
Filmed and Edited By:
AJ Dakoulas
Kyle Decker
The Yetis - "Where You Goin"

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