JC PIERI - American Dream

JC PIERI - American Dream

JC Pieri
JC Pieri
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Publiée le le 22 septembre 2011

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During this summer 2011 i got the chance to travel around the world just in order to ride my bike. I spent my frist week with Kayley Ashworth in Liverpool and Scotland, then One week with my brother Mike King near to London.
And i left straight to Santa Ana California to visit my buddy Ben Snowden before to spend one amazing month in his house where i met the crazy Big Daddy and his ridiculous car :)
Thanks to Ben i rode all the best skateparks of California and i met a bunch of awesome peoples. I spent my time to film some videos but i also decided to make a video about my trip with some stupid tricks in all these different skatepark.

Even if i rode with the best riders of the world i kept my state of mind and my style of riding. even if i can't hide that i would like to get the power to do some triple tailwhip :)

In this video i tried like in my previous video for Amity, to create some stupid tricks to show that even if you're in the best skatepark you can find funny stuff to do without tailwhip or barspin everywhere.

Thanks to Kayley Ashworth, Mike King, & Ben Snowden for filming all these clips about me and for bringing me everywhere.

Can't wait to go back to UK & CA see my friends because I miss them.

Enjoy the first fall :)

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