JONOS - Stunt documentary (4K)

JONOS - Stunt documentary (4K)

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Publiée le le 15 avril 2016

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"Jonos" is a short documentary in a new genre - without a voice over or interviews - which shows the life of a French stunter Jonathan Duriez. Shooted in 1 year without any budget. In memory of Cédric D'Helft, passed away during the shooting period.
Available in 4K on XTreme Video :
Shooted on RED Epic, BlackMagic Cinema Camera, DIY rigs.
Post on CC, Resolve, Protools.
Prod / Image / Edit / FX / Color - Thomas Lhermitte
Sound record / Mix - Axel Demeyere
Aerial - Fred Lechevin
Aerial Assistant - Michaël Boda
Tracklist :
Meg Myers - Desire (Hucci Remix)
Ozzie - Bonus 1

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