#laaxisniceyo Video Series Chapter 1.1 - Rookie Squad

#laaxisniceyo Video Series Chapter 1.1 - Rookie Squad

8 sept.
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Publiée le le 06 septembre 2016

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In the first chapter of the #laaxisniceyo video series we introduce the Rookie Squad - made up of young guns Leo Eigensatz, Lou Staub, Lucas Baume, and Elio Fumagalli - and join them on a mission to shred pow and destroy the P60 pro kicker line. Don't worry, this chapter comes in three parts, so you haven't seen the last of these guys yet. There's plenty more air-time, slashes, butters, tweaks and bangers to come! Also featuring guest appearances by Christian Weber, Lukas "Blume" Rösli, and Luca Kuppelwieser.

Cinematography: Lukas Blume Rösli
Additional Cinematography: Mathias Wittwer, Annina Gujan
Edit: Lukas Blume Rösli

Music: "Intro" Memory - Luke Atencio // "Chapter 1.1" Twilight - Trouble Andrew

To be continued in chapter 1.2

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