Live and Learn - FILM COMPLET

Live and Learn - FILM COMPLET
Vidéo de ski
Publiée le le 01 octobre 2010

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film complet des norvégiens de Wordup media

A ski movie that will give you ski action from young and talented skiers from Norway. This movie will give you everything from parkshoots in Varingskollen (Norway) to urbans all over Oslo (Norway). We want to
show the audience what we do, how we learn and how we ski. We want to show people around the world what a small crew from Norway can produce. Life is all about Live and Learn in our eyes.

Athletes list: Martin Solhaugen, Emil Feet, Vemund Venner, Emil Oygard, Christian Nummedal, Jon Bakke, Vetle Mellum, Ole Magnus Dahlgren, Anders Nordermoen, Edvard Dahlsegg Strand, Lars Tynes, Anders Nummedal.

Locations: Trysil (Norway), Hemsedal (Norway), Varingskollen (Norway), Oslo (Norway), Åre (Sweden), Nittedal (Norway).

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