Mammoth Opening Day 2016 with Volcom Snow

Mammoth Opening Day 2016 with Volcom Snow

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Publiée le le 24 novembre 2016

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2017 Volcom Outerwear:
Nothing like cleaning out the cobwebs and starting another season of snowboarding under the sunny California sky! Mammoth Mountain delivered yet again another fun and event filled opening weekend to the 2016/17 season. Although every snowboarder wishes for the “epic” waist deep powday to start the year off, Arthur Longo shows us that simply shredding around the mountain with friends is all that is needed to get the stoke fired up again. It’s time, get in the van and don’t get left behind!

Arthur Longo, Dylan Alito, Elena Hight, CJ Collins (skate)

Seth Huot

‘Burchard von Worms’ by Shooting Guns
Courtesy of RidingEasy Records

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