Missfits - Ep 1 - Days in the Park

Missfits - Ep 1 - Days in the Park

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Publiée le le 28 novembre 2012

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Les Missfits sont les filles du team K2, elles vous proposent quelques épisodes à travers lesquels vous pourrez suivre leur saison !

We are the Missfits ­ K2¹s female freeski team ­ and this webseries is our brainchild. The aim of the series was to stoke out girls on women¹s freeskiing and inspire them to create their own content. We didn't set out to prove anything to anyone - our goal was to give a light hearted, behind the scenes look at what we do. We wanted to add more female freeski content to the internet and decided to get out there and instigate a project of our own. We were lucky enough to have a rad company behind us to support our experiment.

There will be 4-5 episodes dropping throughout the winter, featuring Brita Sigourney, Anna Segal, Lexi Dupont, Maria Bagge and other K2 athletes such
as Andy Mahre, Collin Collins, the Stept Crew and a number of others who managed to video-bomb our shoots. Filmed throughout the 2011/12 season, we
shot on location in the park-scene of Colorado, the tranquil back-country of Idaho, in the massive European alps, and a number of other awesome locations.

You may love it, you may hate it. We don¹t really care cuz we had fun
making it.

The Missfits

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