OASIS Vol. 1

OASIS Vol. 1

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Publiée le le 21 janvier 2017

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Offering an alternate take on a season spent at the notoriously-abundant Mt Baker Ski Area, Afterhours Creative & Mt Baker have partnered to release a 4-part short film series.

Each volume highlights a different perspective induced by embracing the surreal spirit of exploring the ski area & the surrounding backcountry.

Vol.1 focuses on the annual admittance back into this sacred place as winter settles in again. Beginning in Vermont, we find ourselves in Glacier, WA to fully-embrace the season.

Featuring riding from Pat McCarthy, John Murphy, Ralph Kucharek, Cam Hamilton, Matt Belzile, Jake Blauvelt, Eric Jackson, Mike Leeuw

Produced By:
Mt Baker Ski Area & Afterhours Creative

Directed By:
Ian Post

Cinematography & Editing:
Ian Post

Ocean - The Velvet Underground