One Run: Blake Geis

One Run: Blake Geis

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Publiée le le 13 avril 2012

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The idea of a ONE RUN is to capture the everyday riding of people, what and where they normally ride, how they like to ride, and a way for people to showcase their own creativity and riding style. It is also always fun to watch how people snowboard when they snowboard just to snowboard.

Nitro is creating an on-line contest called ONE RUN in collaboration with their up coming film; Hyped! The idea is to get people (you) to go out and capture your favorite type of snowboarding, through your favorite part of the park, top to bottom run, or anything else. Be it a run through rails in the streets, park jumps, powder-runs, bombing hills, pipe runs or whatever. The important thing is that this type of riding is what makes you want to snowboard. We have gotten all of our guys to go out and film a ONE RUN of their favorite type of boarding. These videos will be released once every week.

We encourage kids to go out and film their own ONE RUN, and submit it for a chance to get there run in our upcoming movie Hyped! along with other prizes. The idea is to show how diverse everyone´s riding is. No one snowboards the same and that is what makes snowboarding so special!

Our team of riders (Eero Ettala, Jon Kooley, Austin Smith, Bryan Fox, Justin Bennee, Markus Keller, Gjermund Braaten, etc) will pick out the top three runs they think are the most inspiring, creative and showcase the persons true passion for snowboarding.

1st place will have a quest appearance in the Nitro Hyped! video + Nitro Limited edition HYPED! Snowboard + Hyped! gear
2nd place will win a free Nitro snowboard + Hyped! gear
3rd place will win a free pair of Raiden bindings + Hyped! gear

The Audience Award: The ONE RUN video on our Facebook page ( with the most comments and likes will win a Nitro Snowboard signed by our Team Riders.

For more information about the ONE RUN contest go to

We will release more ONE RUN contest information next week, but for now, just go out and film your own ONE RUN. Make sure it is in a high quality format. And remember to have a good time while doing it. That is what it is all about!

Nitro One Run Competition Directions:

1. Get someone to film you or film yourself doing a One Run
High Quality videos are best
2. Upload the video to your computer and editing program (iMovie,etc…)
a. Shorten the video from when you want it to start and end
3. Export and save the video to your computer
4. Upload the video to or (titled: Nitro Snowboards – ONE RUN Contest – Your Name)
5. Post the video to Nitro snowboards Facebook page. (
6. Get your friends to comment on your video on the Nitro Facebook Page (for the most comments award), and spread the link to show your friends how much fun you have while snowboarding.

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