#OUREverest - Kilian Jornet - Why is Everest so Different

#OUREverest - Kilian Jornet - Why is Everest so Different

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Publiée le le 24 mai 2017

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Kilian discute météo pour son ascension de l'Everest.

Longtime Salomon athlete Kilian Jornet has done it again. The Catalan successfully summited Mount Everest this week in 26 hours without the use of additional oxygen or fixed ropes. Alone, in a single climb, Jornet has reached the summit of the world's highest mountain (8,484 meters).

The climb sets a new "Fastest Known Time" of 26 hours from the Everest Base Camp (5,100 meters) to the summit. Due to stomach problems, Jornet didn't complete the descent to the Everest Base Camp and is currently recovering at the Advanced Base Camp (6,500 meters).

In the week before his attempt, he swung by Salomon HQ in Annecy, France and had a quick chat on how Everest is different from any other climb on the planet.

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