Outliers - Salomon Running TV Season 05 Episode 04

Outliers - Salomon Running TV Season 05 Episode 04

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Publiée le le 17 mai 2016

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There are a few individuals who have allowed the mountains to guide their values and lives. Their approach to the mountains is a form of expression, as they continually strive to refine and simplify their experiences. "Outliers" explores the emergence of a new style of Alpinism with Jordi Tosas sharing valuable insight whilst Michel Lanne searches for a balance between this approach and his life in Mountain Rescue.

A Production by The African Attachment

"Hakan" by Sylvan Aztok
"No More Tears" & "Bottom of the Sea" by Miles Sievwright
"A Piece for Rudolf Fritsch", "In the Morning", "The Upper Reaches" & "In the Shade of the Wild Fig" by Guy Buttery

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