Racing Unleashed 2020 - Cham (SUI) - Best Of

Racing Unleashed 2020 - Cham (SUI) - Best Of

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Publiée le le 23 janvier 2020

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At Racing Unleashed a virtual racing games makes the gamers sweat. A new generation of high-tech racing simulators sets a new benchmark in the field of race simulation. They make the race not only a mental but also a physical challenge: Sim Racing (Simulation racing) at ist best! Big names which were earlier part of Formula 1 are closely related to this project: Race Commissar of Racing Unleashed is former Formula 1 pilot Andrea Montermini (ITA). CEO is Monisha Kaltenborn, former CEO of Sauber Motorsport AG. The victory of the first ever Masters Final of Racing Unleashed and thus the price money of 30.000 CHF goes to Michal Smidl (CZE) – he showed already strong performances on his way to the final and dominated also the round of the last 4. Runner up is Felix Hirsiger (SUI). The podium was completed by Simon Danner on place 3.

Results Masters Final Racing Unleashed:

1 Michal Smidl
2 Felix Hirsiger
3 Simon Danner
4 Dustin Wüest
5 Vojtech Polesny

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