Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2018 - Possu Kingdom Lake, Texas (USA) - Winning Dive Women

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2018 - Possu Kingdom Lake, Texas (USA) - Winning Dive Women

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Publiée le le 17 juillet 2018

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The cliff diving elite celebrating its 10th season with the 2018’s first event at the Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas. After a long off-season the cliff divers were extremely happy and nervous together to be back and dive from 27m respective 21m. All of the 12.500 spectators came on 800 boats and other floating devices like Kayaks and air mattresses to watch the spectacular action. They’re living the the typical boat life here in Texas at the Possum Kingdom Lake. Kris Kolanus from Poland won his first ever Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition at the Possum Kingdom Lake, with 424.85 points he had an outstanding weekend. Second finished Michal Navratil from Czech, who is one of the three competitors who is competing since the very first beginning of the RB Cliff Diving World Series. Third came in the last year’s winner from Texas, Blake Aldridge (GBR). The women's competition was a nail biting one. Jessica Macaulay, the Wildcard diver from GBR was in the lead after the first three rounds. With her perfect second dive, she scored the highest note ever for an individual dive from the judges with 108 points. In the end it was, Adriana Jimenez (MEX) who claimed the win in Texas with only 0.1 points ahead of Jessica Macaulay. The women's podium was completed by the German Anna Bader. Last year’s champion Rhiannan Iffland (AUS) finished fourth, with only 0.6 points behind the winner, the closest women’s final ever.

Results WOMEN
1. Adriana Jimenez (MEX)
2. Jessica Macaulay (GBR) (Wildcard)
3. Anna Bader (GER)
4. Rhiannan Iffland (AUS)
5. Lysanne Richard (CAN)

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