Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2018 - Copenhagen (DEN) - Trailer

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2018 - Copenhagen (DEN) - Trailer

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Publiée le le 21 août 2018

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Six-time champion Gary Hunt from England is back to his twisting best after scoring a stunning and much-needed victory at the previous competition and now aims for his third win in Denmark during the World Series’ 70th stop. Strong competition comes from reigning champion Jonathan Paredes (MEX), who stepped up his game with a new dive and another podium finish in Switzerland, as well as the leader of the current standings, America’s Steven LoBue, the season’s only two-time winner. When the stage is set for the 14 elite athletes to leap directly from the roof of the Opera House 27m above the water, thousands of cheering fans on land and water await their stunningly acrobatic free-falls in an attention-grabbing battle for the 2018 King Kahekili Trophy. With the title contenders returning to winning forms as the season progresses, the most northerly point of the entire season provides not only the most panoramic view of Copenhagen, but also guarantees a tight fight for crucial points: Kick-off winner Kris Kolanus (POL) and World Series leader LoBue will continue trying to spin to victory with a five-somersault manoeuvre, as Paredes eyes the perfect execution of his steadily increasing dive list all to brave record winner Hunt who is back in excellent twisting form with high difficulty. After executing their 3-second feats into two lakes, a river and the Atlantic Ocean already this season, the men will be trying to rip as cleanly as possible into Copenhagen harbour during the 70th competition of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. Solely reserved for the men, due to structural limitations of the location, the event will be hosted in the heart of the Danish capital, in front of a royal background. Amalienborg Palace is home to the royal family and only shortly after the traditional changing of the guard at high noon, the male cliff diving elite will draw all the attention to the 27m platform on the cantilever roof of the Opera House.


Men (after 4 of 7 stops)
1 - Steven LoBue USA – 540pts
2 - Jonathan Paredes MEX - 420
3 - Gary Hunt GBR – 410
3 - Michal Navratil CZE – 410
5 - Blake Aldridge GBR – 360
6 - Andy Jones USA – 350
6 - Kris Kolanus POL – 350
8 - David Colturi USA - 330
9 - Alessandro De Rose ITA - 229
10 - Sergio Guzman (W) MEX – 170

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