Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2018 - Polignano a Mare (ITA) - Trailer

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2018 - Polignano a Mare (ITA) - Trailer

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Publiée le le 24 octobre 2018

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Just 20 points separate the top two men and women in the fight for the King Kahekili trophy after England’s Gary Hunt and Adriana Jimenez from Mexico leapfrogged Steven LoBue (USA) and Rhiannan Iffland (AUS) with victory at the penultimate stop in Mostar. Never has it been so close, and thousands of passionate fans are expected to stir up a feverish atmosphere when the athletes take to the platforms built on a private balcony.
In this anniversary season, three men and three women are still in contention for the overall titles from 27m and 21m as two champions will emerge from the Adriatic waters on September 23 in the small coastal town where houses rise from the rocks. Current title favorite in the men’s, six-time champion Hunt, is back in imperious form after suffering from a mental block in the first half of the season. At the penultimate stop in Mostar (BIH), it was triple delight for the 34-year-old, as the Brit not only made it a hat-trick of wins for the season, but he also took the overall World Series lead and became the only man to ever repeat a win from the Stari Most, following his win in the same spot last year. Contenders LoBue, who’s won two stops back-to-back and finished a third one in second place, currently in the runner-up position, as well as title holder Jonathan Paredes from Mexico, famous for immaculately displaying his dives from almost three times the Olympic platform height, definitely want to have a say in the run for the title until the ultimate dive. Style-master Paredes knows how it is to snatch away the title from the brilliant Brit in 2017 with a near-perfect final performance.
In the women’s, the title for the 2018 overall win from 21m will be fought out between the season’s three event winners: Jimenez put herself into pole position to claim a first-ever King Kahekili trophy by winning the season's last-but-one stop. The Mexican held her nerve after a stunning final dive from title rival Iffland to complete her second victory of the season and move into first place in the overall standings. After coming back even stronger from a year off due to injury, Switzerland-winner Lysanne Richard from Canada also still wants to have a shot at the overall win. While it would be a debut win for Jimenez as well as Richard, Australia’s reigning two-time champion, who came in as a wildcard to become the first ever rookie champion and defend the title in her debut year as a permanent athlete, targets the overall hat-trick in the women’s to become the most successful female World Series diver to date. Spotlighting cliff diving’s best, the last event of the season will also decide on who will make the cut for automatic qualification for 2019. In the men’s, it’s the top five of the 2018 World Series ranking while the top four women secure their spot for the next year.


Men (after 6 of 7 stops)
1- Gary Hunt GBR – 810 Punkte
2- Steven LoBue USA – 790
3- Jonathan Paredes MEX - 660
4- Michal Navratil CZE – 570
5- Andy Jones USA – 500

Women (after 4 of 5 stops)
1- Adriana Jimenez MEX – 650 Punkte
2- Rhiannan Iffland AUS – 630
3- Lysanne Richard CAN – 530
4- Jessica Macaulay (W) GBR – 510
5- Yana Nestsiarava BLR – 380

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