Salam - Tito in Morocco Bike Surf and ART

Salam - Tito in Morocco Bike Surf and ART

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Publiée le le 23 mai 2017

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Following the flow in Morocco through the mountains of Atlas and the Atlantic ocean.

This was a special trip because more than moutains, water and art, it was involving the number one ingredient to find happiness. Freedom! Free to travel from France to Morocco through Spain and Portugal. Free to enjoy the mountains and the ocean. Free to meet people and share a good time around art and painting.

A road trip from home to the center of Morocco, 5 weeks and about 7500 kilometers with a good surfer friend. We followed the coast, surfed on our way and when the van was rolling good everything was perfect! The trip was excellent because I had my toys with me and when the waves were wicker I went to the Atlas mountain for a epic bike trip.
Few days on the saddle, chasing the sun in this beautifull range. The people there are the Berberes, they face tough life conditions, as life there is simple and not always easy. There is barely noting there but they are able to make a living and let their culture grow and evolve. A warm people and a great source of inspiration.
I was riding near the Toubkal summit in National Park they created in 1942 around the highest summit of north Africa, culminating at 4167 meters high. A impressive range, with life and diversity. The villages are remoted and sometimes have no road. Cruising around on my bike was an experience!
The trails are limitless are they are still used to communicate and work and because it's dry the vegetation doesn't distroy the trails. So much fun and challenges! A pure mix of pleasure and adventure. I really love every moment of it and while I was coming back home I was already thinking about another adventure in this fascinating country.

While I was back on the coast I set my self in a village and with my friend from France we organised some painting workshops with the kids. It was a great time with priceless moment were you see a kid starting to understand the power of expression! I loved to share those moments.
From my sponsor POSCA I could by some kids wetsuits and more, to help the surfing community. In the area most of the men are fishermen, they spend 6 hours every day in the cold water, collecting there nets and paddling in a truck's tube. Tough!

Living this kind of adventure is unique for what I can learn and discover. Riding a bike or a surf board is nice but at the end the experience is by far the most important.
Life is a chance.



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