Trailer : Legs Of Steel, "Same Difference"

Trailer : Legs Of Steel, "Same Difference"

10 août
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Publiée le le 09 août 2017

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La célèbre boite de production autrichienne Legs Of Steel vient de sortir le trailer de son prochain film, "Same Difference". Le film semble explorer trois disciplines du ski, le freeride (avec Fabian Lentsch et Sven Kueenle), le freestyle (avec Paddy Graham) mais aussi l'alpin et notamment le slalom avec l'athlète Felix Neureuther. Un film que nous retrouverons surement début octobre au High Five Festival.

"A film about speed, turns, jumps, milliseconds, precision, ups and downs, frustration and relief.

From the award-winning Legs of Steel comes an exciting new documentary that will draw you into the seemingly divided worlds that play out within some of skiing’s most unique and exciting disciplines.

Follow Alpine race legend Felix Neureuther through a testing competitive season full of ultimate highs and lows. Take a ride with Fabian Lentsch and Sven Kueenle as they venture to the nerve centre of freeride skiing in Alaska, and watch on with anticipation as Freestyler Paddy Graham and his gang attempt to redefine gravity with the biggest jump ever attempted.

The start gates and slopes are different, and the rewards may seem wildly contrasting, but it’s all just skiing in the end…right?

Same Difference - a film about skiers
In co-production with Red Bull Media House
Presented by Audi
In association with CEP & Blue Tomato"
Directed and filmed by Mathias Kögel and Michael Haunschmidt
Audio mix by Keith White Audio

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