SAME S#*T DIFFERENT (film complet) - Headbud/The Pickings Fam

SAME S#*T DIFFERENT (film complet) - Headbud/The Pickings Fam
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Publiée le le 12 novembre 2012

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Après Whatever?! Le crew Headbud et The pickings Fam reviennent avec leur nouveau film SAME S#*T DIFFERNET MOVIE!

The Headbud Crew and Pickings Fam proudly present their new flick “Same S#*T DIFFERENT MOVIE”.
Producing a ski movie is an everlasting fight against mother nature and depends on many other unpredictable factors. Thanks to massive snowfalls in the Alps, our season started very early and we were able to start filming right away. After some urban shootings in November, we went on to western Austria the following month, where we discovered awesome powder and some amazing tree and pillow lines. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t always on our side, so quite often we had to go down to the valley and did what we are famous for – urban jibs. Having very good snow conditions in the Alps, big trips to distant countries were skipped, however, we didn’t want to pass on the obligatory trip to “Europe’s jibbing capital” Helsinki.
Back in Austria, warmer weather and upcoming spring temperatures led to one thing only – a park shooting. This year we were lucky enough to design and shoot our own obstacle in the Absolut Park Flachauwinkl in the beginning of April. Additionally we went to the Nine Knights in Livigno and to several kicker shootings on Austrian glaciers. So you better check out all the action in SSDM. Enjoy!
Supported by
Monster Energy
Rip Curl
Adidas Eyewear
Absolut Park
a film by
Directed and produced by
Fabi Hyden
Edited by
Fabi Hyden
Cinematography by
Fabi Hyden
Markus Studer
Performances by
Luggi Brucic
Fabio Studer
Toni Höllwart
Jussi Mononen
Dennis Ranalter
Tobi Gratz
Dani Maurer
Achim Winter
Josh Absenger
Marlon Holzmann
Martin Hauck
Maxi Noppeney
Roy Kittler

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