Set Your Sights - Toy Soldier Production

Set Your Sights - Toy Soldier Production
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Publiée le le 18 juillet 2011

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Teaser du nouveau film de Toy Soldier Production, tourné essentiellement dans le Nord Ouest des Etats Unis, qui a connu une saison record

Toy Soldier Productions spent the 2010/2011 winter exploring the Northwestern United States with some of the best up-and-coming talent in the ski & snowboard world. Each found themselves growing into their style, their terrain, and a mindset laid down with the snowfall. Though differing in their aims, they’ve found themselves on a similar path, brought together by the winter and her storms. "Set Your Sights" chronicles this journey.

While mostly shot in Montana, the crew also filmed in Utah, California, Washington, South Dakota, Alaska, Wyoming and Whistler, B.C. Set Your Sights features Shay Lee, Karl Fostvedt, Sandy Boville, Finn Anderson, Dash Kamp, Luke Tanaka, Mack Jones, Pat Cowan, Brock Paddock, Josh Anderson, Cody Perin, Austin Torvinen, Noah Wallace, Pete Arneson, Jake Doan, Sam Hurst, David Steele, John Kutcher and more.

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