SHELTER (2019) - Official Movie Trailer

SHELTER (2019) - Official Movie Trailer

24 sept.
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Publiée le le 24 septembre 2019

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SHELTER - Step forward through the legenday Alps
Screenings all fall & winter - release on Youtube in December 2019

A tale of five adventurers back on the boards. Their passion: the most beautiful summits in the world and the freedom to ride them. This year, they decided to change the practice, minimizing their CO2 emissions and finding ways to stay as neutral as possible in a changing nature.
Determined to return to basics, they traveled for two months the Swiss and French Alps through valleys near their homes. Here is their message.

Written and directed by Julien Roserens & Morgan Le Faucheur
produced by Franck Corbery & Morgan Le Faucheur
Co-produced by Picture Organic Clothing
Starring Jeremy Jones, Mat Schaer, Leo Taillefer, Levi Luggen & Thomas Delfino
Original soundtrack by Møme

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