SNOWCIETIES Ep. 1: Michigan

SNOWCIETIES Ep. 1: Michigan
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Publiée le le 02 novembre 2015

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Première épisode de la nouvelle série produite par Armada, Snowcieties. Mike Hornbeck vous emmène à la découverte Michigan.

Mike Hornbeck has moved back home to Michigan for good, a spot not typically known as a skiing mecca but as Mike says, “You can ski anywhere and do it creatively, and make it fun.” With massive snowfall the past few years rivaling the Rockies, the suddenly snow-laden city of Grand Rapids offers up plenty for Hornbeck’s street skiing skill set. In Episode 1 of Snowcieties, Mike celebrates his skiing roots with friends Spencer Milbocker and Kim Boberg on a four-month urban mission spanning November to February.
Directed by: Corey Stanton
Produced by: Mike Hornbeck and Spencer Milbocker
Cinematography: John Harvey, Corey Stanton, Christian Lessard, Kyle Decker, Spencer Milbocker, Mike Hornbeck
Song: Blues at Sunrise- Stevie Ray Vaughn and Albert King

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