South Island Shred-fest w/ Godziek & Co | BMX Paradise: Ep 2

South Island Shred-fest w/ Godziek & Co | BMX Paradise: Ep 2

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Publiée le le 11 mai 2017

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New Zealand is an island country in the south-western Pacific Ocean located around 1,500km east of Australia, across the Tasman Sea. It was one of the last lands to be settled by humans and during its long isolation New Zealand developed a distinctive biodiversity of animal, plant and BMX life. The country's varied topography makes its a perfect place for all sports enthusiasts and that's why we visited it during European winter with BMX ace Dawid Godziek and pals to enjoy the summer riding down under.

The second part of the BMX road trip across New Zealand begins in the South Island’s harbour city of Picton, and the nearby Reefton skatepark. They then move on to Greymouth to ride the infamous Andy’s Skatepark bowl before heading to the annual Farm Jam to get the competitive juices going.

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