SRAM MTB: Guide Series Brake Service

SRAM MTB: Guide Series Brake Service

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Publiée le le 09 août 2017

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This video will guide you through the service procedure for SRAM Guide Series mountain bike brakes.

Click these links to jump to each section of this video, as well as video instructions for the brake hose shortening and bleed procedure:

Guide Ultimate/RSC Lever Service - 4:54
Guide RS Lever Service - 9:57
Guide R Lever Service - 14:29
Brake Installation - 18:09
Brake Hose Shortening/Bleed -

Tools and Supplies:
2, 2.5, 4, and 5 millimeter hex wrenches
2.5, 4 millimeter hex bit sockets
T8, T10, T25 TORX® bit sockets
T8, T10, and T25 TORX® bit sockets
8 millimeter flare nut wrench
8 millimeter flare nut crowfoot socket
Torque wrench
Needle nose pliers
Long tipped internal snap ring pliers
DOT compatible grease
SRAM High Performance DOT 5.1 Fluid
Loctite ® Blue 242®
Isopropyl alcohol
Clean, Lint-free shop towels

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