TC Saddle Chinese Downhill

TC Saddle Chinese Downhill

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Publiée le le 17 août 2016

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La course au premiers sièges un jour de poudre à Treble Cone, Nouvelle-Zélande, au milieu du mois de juillet. Les pisteurs retiennent les skieurs avant l'ouverture du télésiège permettant de skier le haut du domaine, il s'ensuit une belle course pour le fameux "first chair"...

Powder days at Treble Cone are an amazing thing. Usually it takes about half the day for the Saddle basin to open, and seeing as the saddle is where the magic happens, frothers and powder hounds will line up for at least 30 mins in the hopes of scoring first chair.
When the rope drops, chaos ensues as the Saddle Opening Chinese Downhill gets under way. Anyone who has been there knows how mad it can be, and I for one love the madness!
This is me scoring 2nd chair on a mad dog pow day mid July.

For those who missed the joke, The intro scene and voice over/song is from a classic American ski movie called Hot Dog.
It's funny as, and a must see for anyone interested in snow sports,

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