Team InFocus: Kamloops POV

Team InFocus: Kamloops POV

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Publiée le le 04 novembre 2013

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If you've ever tried to rent a car in Whistler during Crankworx you know what we went through after we decided to hit Kamloops for a couple of days together with the italian CPGANG. Three unsuccessful tries to get a car from friends - they either got hurt or the car broke down - we actually got lucky enough to get a regular rental truck and hit the road.

After 4 hours of driving through the absolute stunning landscape of British Columbia we reached Kamloops at around midnight. As we've been here before we thought its the easiest thing to just check into a motel and get our well deserved sleep. But no, it was time for Senior Games in Kamloops. After having trouble getting a car in Whistler every single room in Kamloops was rent due to this tournament. Perceived 100 motels later we called our friend Ace Hayden to crash at his place.

Couple of beers and a restful night later we we more than stoked to hit the trails of Kamloops and it got pretty rowdy. Check out the second part of our little POV video series.

So if you plan to visit Canada. There is more than just Whistler and the North Shore. Kamloops is by far our favorite riding spot out there yet!

If you're looking for part 1 from whistler say hallo at our fanpage

Cheers Team InFocus"

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