Teaser - La Luce Infinita

Teaser - La Luce Infinita

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Publiée le le 12 septembre 2018

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La Luce Infinita - Tales From The North
Arianna Tricomi went on a journey to the north of Norway. She invited a lot of friends to join her celebrating spring shredding, a world title and the end of a amazing ski season. The action took place in Finnmark’s coast mountains around a beautiful little fisher town called Bergsfjord. Where the daylight is infinite and the ocean is surrounding every peak.

Arianna Tricomi,
Sven Rauber, Craig Murray, Tobias Huber, Georg Stückler,
Lucas Mangold, Lui Hagelstein, Markino Grigis

Marco Tribelhorn

Nicola Grigis

Infinity Senders "Bergsfjord Theme"

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