The Adventure's Of Doris EP2: Zermatt

The Adventure's Of Doris EP2: Zermatt

Louis Charnaud
Louis Charnaud
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Publiée le le 17 avril 2017

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Since our last adventure with Doris we have been based in Zermatt, skiing and filming a lot in the backcountry which has been super productive. However, it has been a very dry month (season) here in Europe so the snow has not been good to work with or ski for matter of fact. We were supposed to be going to compete in two Freeride World Qualifying events recently but due to warm temps and a very unstable snow pack our events were cancelled. It can be frustrating when you have all these plans to go to a new location to film and ski and then mother nature gives you a slap in the face, taking away everything. However, we made the most of a shitty situation and got our ski's and went searching for the 'goods' here in Zermatt. On one of our first days shooting we had discussed this cliff that Sam had been eyeing up for a few years and thought it was a 'Go' as the landing was steep enough due to the lack of snow in it! As he went over the lip of this monster it was obvious that he had not taken enough speed into it and it became more of a free fall than a send.

“You’ve gotta take risks and all but today I met my match, this cliff got me.. . It was pretty flat. Broke my binding off my ski and hurt my back pretty bad too so I’ll be taking it easy for a few days… happy to be walking away from this cliff, don’t think I’ll be coming back to it either.”

Our next adventure may be without Doris but i'm sure there will be a van just as beautiful waiting for us in our next location. We will be taking a couple months out from skiing to rest and then we head to New Zealand to start our next project. Stay tuned and Subscribe/Follow

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