THE EMPIRE OF WINDS - Official trailer 4K

THE EMPIRE OF WINDS - Official trailer 4K
Vidéo de ski
Publiée le le 13 juin 2018

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Patagonia, the Southern end of South America, where the border bewteen fantasy and reality disappears. Between deserts and mountains, Arc'teryx athlete Johannes Hoffmann and myself are embarking on a 1500 km journey to the end of the world in company of local gaucho skier Lucas Swieykowski. But penetrating a territory where the wind reigns as master is not an easy task and reserves lot of uncertainties.

Directed by Laurent Jamet
Produced by Eye Of The Storm Production
Casting: Johannes Hoffmann, Lucas Swieykowski & Thibaud Duchosal
Soundtrack by Andy Favre

Category: Documentary / Travelogue
Format: HD / UHD
Running time: 52min

Delivery: August 2018

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