The Fire - Wordup Media - film complet

The Fire - Wordup Media - film complet
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Publiée le le 06 novembre 2012

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Wordup Media vous présente son 3ème film, réalisé par Marcus Schultz : The Fire.

It's the fire inside us for this lifestyle and everything between that drives us all. 
No crick, no bend or turn can stop it. One love, one fire, let it burn!
Join our trips to the streets of Oslo and Lillehammer, to the mountains in Utah, to New York City, to the beautiful Folgefonna, and park shoots at the best terrain parks in Norway.
Turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy!
The Fire
Emil Øygard, Sjur Sætren, Christian Nummedal, Andreas Disch, Magnus Nørsteng, Even Sigstad,
Lars Tynes, Jens Johnsen, Espen Bergh, Anders Nummedal, Kristian Vereide, Erik Naess and more
Shot on location in:

Oslo, Norway
Gjøvik, Norway

Vierli, Norway

Alta, UT

Folgefonna, Norway

Breckenridge, CO

Denver, CO

New York City

Lillehammer, Norway,

Salt Lake City, UT

Hafjell, Norway
Supported by: Fri Flyt, Nordica, Hafjell Parken, Scott, Downdays, Skiinfo, Vierli Terrainpark and Elan Skis
Produced by
Marcus Schultz, Herrmann Stenerud and Emil Øygard
Cinematography by
Marcus Schultz, Herrmann Stenerud and Simen Kjærstad
Edited by
Marcus Schultz

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