The Freedom Chair - Official Trailer

The Freedom Chair - Official Trailer

9 sept.
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Publiée le le 08 septembre 2011

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Un accident de ski a changé la vie de Josh Dueck en 2004. Il ne pourra plus jamais marcher. Néanmois, il a décidé de tirer le meilleur de cette terrible situation et moins d'un an après, il était de retour sur la neige, de retour à sa passion : le ski.

Switch Back entertainment présente "The Freedom Chair", un film de 15 min consacré à Josh Dueck et à sa détermination.

Josh Dueck was an aspiring skier and coach until a ski accident in 2004 changed his life for good. After coming to the realization that he would never walk again, Josh made a conscious decision to make the best of a terrible situation. Within 1 year he was back on snow doing what he loved, and shortly after, his determination took him to the top of the podium in the sport of Sit-skiing. Despite his success in the world of competitive skiing, he wasn't satisfied as a skier. Josh's dream is to tackle the backcountry, and the steepest and wildest mountains in the world. In ‘The Freedom Chair’, it's a dream fulfilled.

Initially, we'd set out to make an episode of the web series Salomon Freeski TV with Josh, but after spending a few days with him we realized the true power of his story and knew we had to do more. The film is 15 minutes long.

'The Freedom Chair' is set to premiere at the IF3 Film Fest in Montreal, Canada on September 15, 2011. We are currently submitting to film fests all over the world.
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