Tom Wallisch - A Walk in the Park

Tom Wallisch - A Walk in the Park
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Publiée le le 23 janvier 2012

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Quelques runs dans le park avec Tom Wallisch. Pas besoin d'en dire plus, il suffit de regarder pour comprendre...

Longtime Jiberish snow Fam Tom Wallisch turned the freeskiing world upside down in 2007 with the edit he submitted for Level 1 productions "Superunknown" contest. He showcased an effortless and confident style of riding that had not been previously been seen.

5 years later we wanted to create a follow up to that edit so we enlisted the help of the very talented team at Stept Productions to shoot Tom at Breckenridge. Having the cinematography and editing match the level of riding was very important to us in planning this project. The toughest part was deciding what to cut to fit everything into a tidy 3 minutes.

We have always found common ground with Tom over the focus on style in every aspect of life. Enjoy the best doing what he does best.

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