Tracey Hannah's Muddy Winning Run | UCI Mountain Bike World Cup 2017

Tracey Hannah's Muddy Winning Run | UCI Mountain Bike World Cup 2017

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Publiée le le 07 juin 2017

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Tracey Hannah was up to pace from the outset in Fort William, riding full throttle through the fast upper reaches of the course, masterfully clearing the soggy woods with the aid of a few foot dabs and railing fast into the final jumps. With the noisy crowd behind her all the way, Hannah dropped into Fort William's famous finish arena an unbelievable 10 seconds clear of Nicole to take a monumental and well deserved victory. Sit back and feast your eyes on Hannah's blazing fast winning run, and watch the full event on Red Bull TV!

Fort William UCI World Cup Women’s results

1. Tracey Hannah 5m 39.298s

2. Myriam Nicole 5m 49.543s

3. Emilie Siegenthaler 5m 53.108s

4. Manon Carpenter 5m 55.299s

5. Morgane Charre 6m 5.146s

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